One thing I’ve grown tired of is when I’m interested in someone and they hit me with:

"Can you cover this song for me?"
"Can you sing for my friend?"
Telling everyone what I do/who I am before I have a chance to introduce myself as Durand and not “alcoholharmony: The YouTube Sensation”. *points at my dry straight face*

Look. I know I’ve made it perfectly clear that music and singing is a way of life for me, but let me get one thing straight: the only people I’ll be singing to on my PERSONAL time are my children.

Any other time I’m in front of the mic, soak up that moment because after i step off the stage, I’m back to being Durand.
Not “Durand Bernarr”.
Not “alcoholharmony”.

I’m not a jukebox that will sing at your wedding or sing you to sleep unless you’re paying me and/or giving some marvelous ass head for me to oblige.
I have no problem singing for my #RandClan, but when it comes to someone I’m getting to know… I do my damnedest to keep what I do and who I am away from them until I feel they can handle my reality.

I’m more connected to reality than people try to make me to be. Just because I tour with Erykah Badu doesn’t mean I think I’ve arrived. I don’t stick my hand out for people to kiss and say “of COURSE you know who I am.”
I possess humility and discipline about myself. I treat people like I want to be treated.
I just want someone to treat me like a regular ass person and not this musical Picasso I’ve morphed into over the years.

When the atmosphere is appropriate like an open mic, I don’t mind singing my face off. But God! Stop requesting me to sing all the fucking time. Especially places like the club or somewhere where I’m eating or trying to enjoy my surroundings.
Me singing is not helping you get to know a LARGE percentage of who I am as a person. I’m more than my voice. I just want to be treated like a person and not Mario’s Gawddamn mushroom people bite off of.

I can respect someone who supports me and keeps it moving.
They’re not moved by what I do and the thought of what they THINK I can do for them… and for free. (Family included.)
They’re moved by the person I am and the spirit of God that dwells inside of me.

I’m just frustrated.
I swear I’m not a dick.
I just needed to vent.